Paris subway : from Auber to Mairie des Lilas

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pieton Go to Opéra (-->located 267 m from Auber station) and take subway line subway line 8 towards Créteil - Pointe du Lac
1 8 Opéra
2 8 Richelieu Drouot
3 8 Grands Boulevards
4 8 Bonne Nouvelle
5 8 Strasbourg Saint-Denis
6 8 République
Change at République station and take subway line subway line 11 towards Mairie des Lilas
7 11 République
8 11 Goncourt
9 11 Belleville
10 11 Pyrénées
11 11 Jourdain
12 11 Place des Fêtes
13 11 Télégraphe
14 11 Porte des Lilas
15 11 Mairie des Lilas
pieton Get off at Mairie des Lilas
Position of the exits on the platform of the arrival station Mairie des Lilas (the wagons in green are near the exits)
position des sorties

From Auber to Mairie des Lilas by subway:

The fastest route in the Paris subway from Auber to Mairie des Lilas takes 31 minutes. This route takes lines subway line 8 and subway line 11. It has only one change at République station . The complete route crosses 15 stations . The place of departure, Auber, is located at a distance of 6,407 km from the destination (Mairie des Lilas). On foot, travel time between the departure station and the destination is 1 h 25 mn.

The station Mairie des Lilas, located at Paris, was inaugurated on 17 février 1937. It benefits from an annual attendance of 4 647 162 travellers.

Detailed map of the Auber Mairie des Lilas subway route :


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